Pre- Conference Workshop


November 21, 2017

Pre-Conference – Trails Training Worshop



Pre Conference Workshop: Parks Canada Approach to Trails Training

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

This one-day learning event led by Parks Canada will focus on planning for sustainable and successful trail systems. Topics covered will include trail planning tools, public and stakeholder engagement tools, and engagement with indigenous communities. This session will be dedicated to learning these new tools, putting them into practice through concrete examples and learning tips and techniques for facilitating your own trail planning process. Participants will have the opportunity to put the information learned into practice with hands-on component of the workshop where groups will be asked to develop concept plans for their own trail systems. All participants will take away new knowledge, copies of the Parks Canada’s latest trail documents and a new network of trail experts with similar knowledge that can help their future trail planning projects

9:00 am  Registration
9:15 am Parks Canada Trail program: Overview of the Trail Program Planning for Sustainable and Successful Trail Systems
9:30 am Trails Planning Tools: Overview of the trail planning tools (trail principles, trail classification, market segmentation, trail concept planning process)
10: 30 am  Coffee Break
10:40 am  Public and Stakeholder Engagement Tools: Overview of engagement tools (engagement process, engagement activities).  Engaging With Others
12:00 pm


1:00 pm  Engaging Indigenous Communities: Presentation by Reg Sylilboy, Engagement and Consultation Advisor, Indigenous Affairs Branch, Parks Canada  Engaging With Others
2:00 pm  Case Studies: Presentation of Parks Canada’s projects where trail planning tools have been used.  Putting Tools Into Practice
2:20 pm

Coffee Break

2:30 pm  Breakout Sessions: Using concrete trail project examples, participants will use tools to plan for better trail systems. Putting Tools Into Practice
3:50 pm  Take Home Messages / Wrap Up  Wrapping Up
4:00 pm  End of Program / Wrap Up



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