Planning Committee

A number of dedicated Canadians are involved in planning Canada’s National Celebration of Trails – Trailhead Canada.

Coming from a variety of trail activities, management organizations and government, the committee is planning a dynamic program that highlights the diversity and opportunity recreational trails offer.

Many thanks, Merci, to the people helping to pull this very Canadian event together!



Chair, Mr. Wayne Terryberry, McMaster University, Outdoor Recreation

Co-Chair, Mr. Patrick Connor; President Canadian Trails Federation and Chair, National Trails Coalition


Planning Support:

Ms. Alex Brodka, McMaster University, Hamilton

Ms. Brooke Jones, Queen’s University, Kingston.


Committee Members:

Mr. Mark Schmidt, Lead Trails Analyst, Parks Canada; Parcs Canada

Ms. Linda Strong Watson, Alberta TrailNet

Mr. Jeremy McCall, Outdoor Recreational Council of British Columbia

Mr. Dennis Burns, Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations

Mr. Louis Carpentier, Velo Quebec

Ms. Jane Murphy-McCullough, Terminus Consulting Inc.

Ms. Joanne Farqhuar, Motorcycle and Moped Industry Council

Mr. A.J. Strawson, IMBA Canada

Ms. Carol Oitment, Policy Advisor, Ontario Ministry of Tourism Culture and Sport