Snowmobile trails in good shape

With the latest snowfall, Thunder Bay snowmobilers can expect smooth rides on most area trails, with some bumpy exceptions.

That’s the latest assessment from Thunder Bay Adventure Trails which has been busy grooming nearly 400 kilometres of trails south and west of the city.

“We have a number of trails open under limited status,” grooming co-ordinator Adrian Tessier told The Chronicle-Journal.

“This means that there may be some hazards to watch for such as protruding rocks, logs and sticks, etc.. There will be bumpy areas, but they are able to be snowmobiled on.

“So far, it all looks great,” he said, noting that “we are a good two weeks ahead of last year with starting our grooming. We could use a little more snow in the Kakabeka Falls area, but as we go west, the snow gets deeper.”

Tessier said the club also hopes to reopen a trail to Minnesota this winter; one that hasn’t been used for about four years. The closest link right now to the U.S. trail network from Thunder Bay is Crane Lake near Atikokan.

“We have been on the trail (to the border) this fall with our ATVs and (it) is in pretty good condition,” he said. “It could use a little brushing, but regardless, we can still groom it.

“Once we get all the other trails open, we will be working on opening that trail,” Tessier said, adding that the club has been working with the RCMP and the U.S. Homeland Security to try to come up with a process to legally cross into Minnesota at Gunflint Lake.

For information on what Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs groomed trails are open, visit the website, where there is an interactive map showing all trails in Ontario and their condition.


Article Source: Chronicle Journal

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