Crawl off the couch and chop wood: ParticipAction marks Canada’s 150th anniversary with its 150 play list challenge

Shut off the screen, crawl off the couch and get out there and chop wood.

Or play pickleball. Stop by your local swimming pool or wander out for a walk.

That’s the message from ParticipAction that has compiled its 150 Play List to mark Canada’s anniversary, based on Canadians’ favourite activities.

The challenge?

Sign up online to try to track activities from the list and along with the workout you’ll have a chance to win prizes ranging from $100 gift cards to vacations or a car.

“We felt what better way to celebrate Canada’s 150th than to help Canadians get more active,” said Elio Antunes, president and CEO of ParticipAction.

What do Canadians rate as their favourite activities?

Well, here in British Columbia hiking tops the list. Across Canada, hiking is also tops although if you’re in Saskatchewan baton twirling — yes you heard that right — is number one.

In Nunavut, it’s somewhat more practical: Cross-country skiing.

Building snowmen is a top 10 activity in Nunavut, Manitoba, Ontario, Alberta and Nova Scotia. But — perhaps surprisingly for all the dragon boats that ply False Creek — dragon boating doesn’t rate in B.C.’s top 10 list, although it does for New Brunswick.

After hiking, pickleball and biking round out the top three activities as voted by British Columbians. In case you’re wondering, the second has nothing to do with pickles and everything to do with a little perforated plastic ball and you hit with paddles over a net — a cross between table tennis on steroids and badminton but without the birdie.

Other activities in British Columbian’s top 10 list include camping, swimming, walking (and pole walking), kayaking, gardening, golf and yoga.

Snow shovelling, number six activity in Prince Edward Island, doesn’t even make British Columbians’ top 10 list although that could change if the snow keeps falling.

Fishing, number five for the Yukon and clam digging — number eight for Nunavut — don’t even rate a mention in B.C.’s top 10 list.

“It was interesting to see the differences across the different provinces,” said Antunes of the activity lists that were created by voting and submissions, along with suggestions from an advisory council.

“We wanted to ensure the play lists were regionally diverse, culturally diverse and represented everyone across Canada,” said Antunes.

You have a year to complete the 150 activities and ParticipAction is hoping the challenge will encourage us to change our sedentary ways.

Only nine per cent of Canadian children are active enough to meet the guidelines of 60 minutes of physical activity per day. And while adults only have to be active for 150 minutes every week to meet the guidelines, only 20 per cent of adult Canadians do that.


Article Source: Vancouver Sun

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