Rail trail raises over $2M

Donations for the construction of a gravel walking/biking path along the Okanagan Rail Trail have reached over $2.1 million.

“We were just counting up the numbers from the report sent by the foundation,” said trail organizer Brad Clements on Thursday. “It’s not an exact number but it is over $2.1 million.”

Clements called it a fantastic start to the campaign which began last May.

“There have been almost 2,600 donations, many of them small donations with some significant ones as well.”

With the funds over the $2 million mark, Clements said it will allow trail organizers or participating municipalities to apply for more funding from specific grants and programs offered by the province or Ottawa.

The cash will also fund the first phase of development of the trail.

“We will actually see work done on bridges and culverts and rock scaling along the lakes and that work should begin in the spring.”

In December 2014, Kelowna, Lake Country, Coldstream, Vernon and the regional districts of Central Okanagan and North Okanagan purchased the 48 kilometre line from CN Rail for $22 million. The Okanagan Indian Band is also playing a part in its development.

An estimated $7.8 million is needed to put in a gravel path along the trail.


Article Source: The Crag and Canyon

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