Bridge replacement to connect Barrington trails


A Shelburne County trail just became more connected, with a new bridge installed over the Barrington River.

The snow didn’t damper the installation of the bridge at Kiack Brook on Dec. 12.

“This bridge completes a developed, operating and managed, shared, multi use trail across the Municipality of Barrington,” said Sherm Embree secretary/treasurer of the Woodland Multiuse Trail Association. The bridge now connects the 40.3 kilometre trail in Barrington.

It connects 11.2 kilometre of trail to the east of the bridge to 29.1 kilometre of WMTA trails to the Yarmouth / Shelburne County line at Charlesville.   The trail continues west to the Town of Yarmouth (an additional 57.2 kilometre).

In eastern Shelburne County 28.2 kilometre is already developed into trail totaling 52.7 km of rail bed. Planning is underway for a further 15 kilometre for next year.

Embree said all of the trails are maintained by volunteers – and assistance and contributions are welcome.

“(They) reflect the community care of this long linear community park,” he said.  “The dream of the Woodland Multiuse Trail Association is to complete trail across Shelburne County and eventually have a Destination Trail along the Nova Scotia South Shore for all the recreational and tourism benefits that would bring to the area.”

The project was done in partnership between the trail association, Shelburne County ATV Association and the Municipality of Barrington.



Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, Nova Scotia Off Highway Vehicle Infrastructure Fund, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency Canada 150 Fund, Municipality of the District of Barrington, Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage, Recreational Facilities Development Grant, Fundraising and Volunteer efforts of SCATVA and WMTA.


Project specifications

Length: 17.169 meters (56’4”); width 1.650 m clear deck(65”); weight 6909 kgs (15,231 pounds); galvanized steel with 54” high railings.

The bridge is lowered over Barrington River.



Article Source: Shelburne County Coast Guard

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