Instagram takeover: Take a hike with Brayden Hall

CBC Vancouver is featuring a local photographer on our Instagram page every month. This time, we’re showcasing the work of Brayden Hall.

With so many terrific places to hike in B.C., it’s not surprising the landscape here is an inspiration to many a budding photographer.

But Brayden Hall was drawn into the Instagram community two years ago when he first went travelling through Latin America.

“It was all the colours and the food and the culture … it was all so vibrant,” he said.

When he came back to Canada, Hall turned his camera towards some of his favourite hiking spots.

Mount Assiniboine

One of them is Mount Assiniboine.

“It might be the most magical mountain I have ever seen,” Hall says. “Some call it the Matterhorn of the Rockies, and it truly does live up to the name.”

Hall and his friends hiked 30 kilometres through the Rocky Mountains to get to the base.

“My legs have never been so tired, but the reward was like no other. This is my favourite place in all of B.C.”

That perfect thinking spot

For Hall, hiking and photography are personal activities, although he often hikes with friends.

“I get a lot of people who are into outdoor travel [direct messaging] me on Instagram. They comment on my photos, sometimes want to come with me.”

But when he needs to get away from it all, he goes to this spot on the Sea-to-Sky Highway to watch the sunset.

Sea to Sky Highway sunset

Hall says he’s mostly self-taught as a photographer and finds himself looking at other Instagrammers to improve his skills.

This photo at the Kettle Valley Railway is an example.

“It’s totally different than what I normally take pictures of … it is a manmade creation that is nestled deep in the mountains. It’s so different, yet so familiar at the same time,” he said.

Trestle Kettle Vally

Why braybraywoowoo?

But for all of Hall’s self-reflection in his photos, he has a playful personality that shines through in his captions.

For example, Hall recently hiked up Garibaldi:

“We were rewarded with one of the best sunrises I have ever experienced in my life. This trip reminded me of how amazing my own backyard is and although I’d be travelling all summer I still have this beautiful place to come home to.

P.S. Be JEALOUS of my thermal leggings and shorts combo.  [😏]”


And take his Instagram handle for example: @braybraywoowoo.

“That was something I came up with in high school. I have no idea why I chose that or what I was thinking … I probably thought it was funny,” he said with a laugh.

“I like being playful, joke around … not just being a robot.”


Article Source: CBC British Columbia

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